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Suns tease Thursday release of re-designed Nike uniforms

The 50th anniversary for the Phoenix Suns will see the team swap out its uniforms for the fifth re-design in franchise history. The new set of jerseys will be released on Thursday, and the team has already set out with a few teaser videos leading into the reveal.

What do we know so far?

For one, the Suns will be bringing back the classic orange sunburst logo that became popular with the jersey iteration beginning in 1992. It appeared in the closing frames of the teasers but also showed up along what looks like a waistband of the white pants.

Along with a report from USA Today’s Andrew Joseph, that appears to mean this is a full-blown re-design rather than a less-busy rebranding from former outfitter Adidas to Nike.

We also know that Phoenix is one of eight NBA teams with a fifth alternate. The Suns are expected to throw it back to the first uniforms featured in 1968-73, according to

As for the more standard jerseys, a mockup that will potentially be a purple-forward option leaked on a Chinese social media site.


How legitimate are those jerseys?

Well, in a screenshot of one of the Suns’ teaser videos, the armhole coloring appears to be similar, though the jersey in the video is a white-forward version.

Phoenix last re-designed its jerseys before the 2013-14 season.

Here is another teaser as the Suns prepare to unveil their new look for the 2017-18 season.

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