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Trivia Tuesday: College football teams that cracked the top 10 in 2016

College football season is here!

We got a small sprinkling of games last weekend, but unless you’re a diehard, you probably didn’t pay much attention (casual fans didn’t sit through BYU-Portland State or Stanford-Rice, did they?)

The long holiday weekend gives us the first full slate of games for 2017.

But before we move ahead, we’re asking you to look back for this Trivia Tuesday challenge.

Last year, 27 different schools made an appearance in the top ten of the AP rankings at some point of the season. For your own information, there were 16 different polls released last year, including a preseason ranking.

Your task is to name every team that appeared in the Top 10 of any of last year’s AP Rankings.

We’re not feeling too generous this week, so all you get in terms of a hint is how many weeks each school cracked the top ten.

You’ve got eight minutes on the clock. Good luck, and happy college football season!

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