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Latest News Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman headline Week 1 CB rankings

(AP photos)

The dispute that never ceases to end. The debate of ‘who is the better cornerback’ continues between Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson and Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman. Analyst and former Pittsburgh Steeler cornerback Ike Taylor began his weekly series of cornerback rankings for the second straight year and again Peterson is closely compared to Sherman as the two sit on top of the rankings.

If Sherman is 1a, Peterson is 1b. With a LeBron James-type build, the Cardinals’ CB1 is the most athletic player on this list and is counted on to take care of business against top wideouts every Sunday. He’s got a knack for the football and should have another Pro Bowl, if not All-Pro, season.

The race between Peterson and Sherman has been evident throughout the years as the corners have gone back-and-forth about their play on the field.

But last year, Sherman commented on Peterson’s play and admitted that players like himself have to a high-level of respect for the Cardinals’ cornerback athletic ability. He also went as far as comparing Peterson’s play to Deion Sanders, Charles Woodson and Rod Woodson.

Peterson was drafted by the Cardinals in 2011 with the fifth overall pick in the NFL draft. In his career, he has collected 20 interceptions, made six Pro-Bowl appearances and made First Team All-Pro honors three times in his career.

Sherman was drafted the same year as Peterson, but went in the fifth round. In his career, he has collected 30 interceptions, made four Pro-Bowl appearances and has made First Team All-Pro honors three times in his career.

They may have been separated by draft order, but the two have been relatively close in statistics, especially in 2016.

The Cardinals will square off against the Seahawks twice this season Nov. 9 and Dec. 31.

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