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Tony Romo is really good at his new job

Tony Romo lost his last job to a rookie.

If we throw sports cliches together, we’d say he retired and has come out with a real chip on his shoulder as he kicked off his new gig.

The recently-retired NFL quarterback has joined Jim Nantz in the booth as a color analyst, and his debut on Sunday working the Titans-Raiders game couldn’t have gone much better. Romo was straight up calling what plays were going to be run before the snap. He was even willing to put money down on it.

It was smart Nantz didn’t take any of those bets, because Romo was always making the right reads, calling running plays to the correct side of the field and circling which defensive players were going to blitz.

“What did you see there?” Nantz asks Romo at one point.

“I’ve seen football in the NFL for 14 years,” Romo says.

Romo was even predicting whether the Raiders would go for it on 4th-and-short. He also called a made 43-yard kick and judged Marshawn Lynch’s front-flip as a 7.5.

We’re already calling Romo an elite color analyst.

Seems that CBS made the right move replacing Blaine Gabbert fan Phil Simms in the booth.

Speaking of which, Simms, who is now in the studio, conducted a very awkward interview with Romo before the game.

“Heeeey Phiiil … good to see you.”

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