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It won’t happen, but Stephon Marbury would consider a Suns return

(AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

It’s been seven long years since Stephon Marbury last played in the NBA, and the two-time All-Star point guard is 12 years removed from his run with the Phoenix Suns.

Once Marbury’s career in the Chinese Basketball Association ends after this upcoming season, he wants to return to the NBA for a goodbye tour. And a return to the Valley wouldn’t be all that bad.

Asked whether he’d consider a final go-around with the Suns, Marbury wouldn’t rule it out.

How would the Suns like to take in Marbury, who played for Phoenix from 2001-04 and played one of his two All-Star seasons in the desert?

Well, they probably wouldn’t — not with the current roster needing to develop its young players and not at the point guard spot where they have more depth than any other position.

Also, Marbury will be 41 years old next year.

Also, also, the Suns showed no interest in bringing back a more popular and familiar past star in Amar’e Stoudemire for his own victory lap last offseason.

There are probably no NBA opportunities for him, no matter how well he’s taken care of his body.

But it’s fun to think about.

Because before the self-starring musical, before the statues and before the Marbury-themed museum, there was this.

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