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DC Ray Horton knows patience is key

Cardinals new Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton is less than one week removed from his first NFL game as a defensive coordinator and he’s trying to remember that his two starting cornerbacks are new to this too.

“The important thing I have to remember is that my two starting corners, this will be their second start in their career so I have to be patient and I am,” he said. “I learned a lot just from being patient that I’ve got two young kids starting at corner in the National Football League.”

Horton also knows it’s going to take time for these young guys, A.J. Jefferson and Patrick Peterson, to learn and says he knows he can’t expect them to be perfect. “That’s what this league is, it’s a challenge. The thing I was so comforted by is that during training camp they were perfect. You know you expect that all the time and you just have to realize they’re not going to be.”

All week reporters have also been asking Coach Ken Whisenhunt and the players about their mindset as they return to prepare for the Redskins and try to improve in the secondary. It sounds like Horton might be the guy to worry about.

“Ahhh no….I was worried about how I would bounce back at practice. They know a win is a win in this league and coaches are a little more concerned with the fine details. They worry about the scoreboard. I’m worried about well is this guy the right fit and how can we improve. So I’m not worried about them at all.”

Everyone in the secondary seemed happy just to come away with a win this week despite their mistakes. I’m not so sure the mood will remain the same if they continue to struggle and get beat on big plays. Only time will tell.

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