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What game is he watching? Announcer Jay Feely badly misses call

It’s OK to think something happened when it really didn’t right?

Maybe a fan stood up and got in your way during a play, or you’re so high up in the stands that it’s hard to judge the depth of the ball and it causes you to sound foolish.

We aren’t exactly sure what happened to Jay Feely, who was giving viewers his analysis of a field goal in Saturday morning’s matchup between Eastern Michigan and Toledo, but hopefully he has a good excuse like the ones we presented.

In the first quarter, Eastern Michigan lined up and booted a 50 yard field goal attempt. The kick wasn’t even close, going wide right.

That’s not what Feely saw.

“Off the crossbar, he just barely had enough but he knocked it through Ben. That’s a big kick for Paulie Fricano. Eastern Michigan answers 3-3.”

It would be one thing if Feely had simply thought the kicker made it, but the fact he thought it hit the crossbar made it all the more confusing.

What game was he watching?

Maybe Feely should study how a field goal is properly called by watching — himself boot a 61-yarder.

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