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FiveThirtyEight: Cardinals vs. Rams is NFL’s most pivotal game in Week 7

The data analysis website FiveThirtyEight is looking at the Arizona Cardinals’ overseas matchup against the Los Angeles Rams, calling it the most pivotal game in the NFL this week.

A video on the website said no Week 7 game had a higher playoff impact for the teams involved.

Sunday’s game, which is to be played at Tickenham Stadium in London, features two teams with similar current playoff odds, the video said; The Cardinals have a 32-percent chance at the playoffs coming into this game, while the NFC West-leading Rams have just a 33-percent chance.

But if the Cardinals lose, FiveThirtyEight said their playoff odds drop to just 16 percent. With a win, they go up to 46 percent.

For the Rams, those numbers are 18 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

They also note that the combined score of games played overseas this year is 64-7, but their analysis says it will be a close one: The website gave the Cardinals a 53 percent chance of winning the game.

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