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Ronde Barber struggles, calls Karlos Dansby ‘Carlos Dunlap’

Nobody expected great things out of FOX NFL analyst Ronde Barber.

He could at least try to get some names right.

Arizona Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby left the game against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday with a hand injury after making a tackle in the first quarter, and Barber just might not know who Dansby, a 14-year NFL veteran, is.

Barber called him “Carlos Dunlap.”

Carlos Dunlap, if you aren’t aware, is a real person. He’s a defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals and has been for his entire career spanning 2010 to the present.

So, if we’re guessing, the only confusion is their first name, which sounds the same but is spelled differently.

But nobody is giving Barber the benefit of the doubt for this mistake considering his reputation for getting things wrong. He later referred to Cardinals offensive lineman Alex Boone as “Aaron Boone,” who was a long-time MLB infielder.

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