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Edmonton Oil Kings’ Star Wars jerseys are super nerdy and awesome

Minor league hockey and baseball teams often do the Star Wars night thing.

It’s good marketing and always well received. The jerseys usually stand out. But the uniforms that the junior league Edmondton Oil Kings will wear on Star Wars night this Saturday are impeccable — if you’re really, really into Star Wars, at least.

The left arms of the jerseys feature a group of X-wing fighters running horizontally. The right arms include a Y-wing flying down the sleeve.

A Rebel emblem sits just above the players’ names on the back of the jerseys, while A-wings run along the bottom of them.

Along the wrists of the uniforms is text written in the Star Wars universe’s Aurebesh. According to Wikipedia, “Aurebesh is a writing system used to represent spoken Galactic Basic and is the most commonly seen form of written language in the Star Wars franchise.”

A basic Google search reveals this portion, for example, reads “Edmonton.”

And it’s all for a good cause.

The uniforms will be auctioned off to benefit Sorrentino’s Compassion House, an Edmonton, Alberta, organization that helps women fighting cancer.

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