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#JetsDanceToAnything is the hashtag you didn’t know you need

The New York Jets weren’t supposed to be entertaining.

They weren’t supposed to be 4-5 midway through the season.

And they certainly weren’t expected to give us anything to laugh about that wasn’t related to their own demise. But here we are.

Todd Bowles’ crew beat the Buffalo Bills, 34-21, on Thursday Night Football. While we don’t know the ratings, we’re guessing the allure — or lack thereof — of Thursday pigskin, not to mention the two usually-sad teams involved, didn’t draw a lot of eyeballs.

But the Jets got their due attention on social media.

During one break in action, all 11 players on the field starting getting hyped, dancing up and down. And while we don’t even know what song was playing at the time, we know the hashtag #JetsDanceToAnything got fired up, afterward. Four days later, it’s still going strong.

What is it? Basically, the Jets dancing to Oukast, to Sandstorm, to Bill Nye the Science Guy’s theme song, to Mariah Carey and everything else.

It is amazing, is what it is.

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