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Klay Thompson talks about boring scaffolding in local TV interview

Local news can sometimes be very boring.

When it is, the good news is bad things aren’t clogging the headlines. Even in the very busy New York City, the news cycle was sluggish on Monday.

FOX 5 was roaming the streets and pulling out the man-on-the-street approach when working on a story about building scaffolding around town. The station just so happened to find Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson wandering about after he played the Brooklyn Nets a day earlier.

And so, FOX 5 got some very good content from Thompson, who seemed very willing to talk about something other than hoops.

Thompson usually doesn’t think twice about walking under construction scaffolding common along the streets of the Big Apple, according to the report.

“I usually observe if the piping and stuff is new,” he said. “Sometimes, you know, if something looks like it’s been there awhile, sometimes I’ll try to avoid that.”

Very sure this will be the next hot topic of debate for the next Undisputed show on FOX Sports 1, and very glad we have other things to distract us from LaVar Ball.

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