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Cowboys’ Dez Bryant gives fan his cleats, warms up in socks

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant literally gave the cleats off his feet to a deserving fan before Thursday night’s matchup against the Washington Redskins.

For Make-A-Wish Night at AT&T Stadium, Bryant went out for his usual warmup routine, but this time was a little different.

Before heading out to the field, Bryant headed to the sideline where he greeted Darren, who was there for a Make-A-Wish trip. Little did the young fan know, Bryant had more in store than just a meet and greet.

Instead of signing an autograph and taking a picture, Bryant took it one step further, handing over the cleats he planned to wear for the game.

And even though he didn’t have the proper footwear — just socks — Bryant went out and ran his routes without skipping a beat and a fan left with a memory of a lifetime.

The shoeless warmup must have helped as Bryant caught five balls for 61 yards and a score, helping the Cowboys beat the Redskins 38-14.

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