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My advice for Frankie Edgar

I like Frankie Edgar. I really do. There is zero doubt about his heart, his willingness to fight and his ability to take a beating and give some back. His fights are entertaining and the fans love him, as they should.

The main problem I have with Frankie is the confused stare he gives us after he loses. Not to mention that stare is usually hard to see through his face, which generally looks like a piece of uncooked hamburger. Unfortunately for Frankie, he isn’t a great fighter. Great fighters don’t block punches and kicks with their face. They hit and try not to get hit. While Edgar’s talent for taking a beating is epic, it’s a flawed way to win fights.

So my advice to Frankie…. Understand your place in the sport. You are entertaining. Unfortunately for you, you are the Arturo Gatti of MMA, not the Floyd Mayweather.

I will continue to watch and generally root for Frankie and stand in amazement of his sick and twisted ability to fight through the beat downs he will inevitably take. But I won’t be confused when Frankie loses and will continue to be confused by those that think those decisions are controversial.

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