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Possible leaked images of new UFC uniforms surface

A few weeks ago reports surfaced revealing the UFC was close to reaching a deal with a major apparel company in order to create uniforms for the company’s fighters.

Since this announcement, a handful of fighters have voiced their displeasure at the thought of being told what to wear.

Soon to be UFC straweight Felice Herrig, known for her unique outfits inside the cage, has been the most vocal fighter to voice their outrage at losing out on sponsorship money once the new uniforms policy is put into place:

“I design and custom make all my weigh in and fight outfits so for me this is a very big deal and a very big part of my brand and image.

A lot of fighters like myself get paid more money from sponsors and a lot is based on marketability and mother style I bring to weigh ins and also the fights. Taking that away takes a lot away from what they are trying to do as far as getting people hooked to WMMA.

It’s called business and regardless of what some people might think there is a lot more to a fighters business than just the act of them playing their sport.”

But since the announcement, there has been no word on which apparel company would be creating the new uniforms or what they would look like.

This was until Twitter user @FrontRowBrian, revealed possible leaked photos of what looks to be new Under Armour uniforms modeled by current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

There has been no word from the UFC regarding the leaked photos or whether Under Armour is the apparel company creating their new uniforms.