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Suns players visit local hospital to surprise, meet fans

Members of the Phoenix Suns participated in the NBA’s Season of Giving, visiting St. Luke’s Medical Center to meet and surprise some Suns fans.

Jared Dudley, T.J. Warren, Alan Williams and Alex Len visited the hospital.

One patient is shown saying Dudley made his day as Dudley laughs at the kind sentiment.

“I think the genuine level of surprise and overall happiness that it brings is contagious,” Williams said of the visit. “You have no choice but to smile back when you see somebody smiling when you walk in the door.”

The Season of Giving is part of NBA Cares, the league’s global community outreach initiative. Other examples across the league include the Charlotte Hornets buying some video games for fans at Walmart and the Washington Wizards taking a fan with them in the locker room after a Wizards win.

“It’s what the holidays is about,” Williams said. “It’s spending time with people who care about you and I think that us being here shows that we care and them allowing us to be here shows that they care so it works out for both of us.”

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