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If there were an NBA RedZone channel, it would probably not be good

The folks at NBA TV made a satirical advertisement for a basketball spin-off of the NFL RedZone channel, and demonstrated that it would probably be a terrible idea.

NBA TV host Ernie Johnson is seen in-studio trying to guide viewers through one basketball play after the next. The only problem is that the NBA moves way too fast to show every game at once, which is sort of a problem.

“Okay, we’ve got things under control now, we’re going to go check out the Warriors,” Johnson said. “No, that’s the Pistons,” he said as the screen showed the wrong game.

At one point, several games appear on the screen at once, all moving too quickly for Johnson to break down.

“And, here’s some basketball. That’s all I can tell you,” he said.

It seems safe to say that the RedZone channel should be reserved for football only — especially since there’s no “red zone” on an NBA court.

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