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Doug: I couldn’t believe what I saw

It’s over.

I couldn’t believe what I saw last night.

It is impossible to play the game in such an ignorant way.

Byrnes not hustling to get the ball back to the infield. Trying to take second on a one-hop single to the right fielder (he also got a gift-wrapped single on an error by the third baseman but that’s not his fault).

The D-backs are now 1-3 since Manny was suspended and 1-3 under A.J. Hinch. The play Monday night showed there’s some players that have given up on the season. It’s amazing that the D-backs can watch the Dodgers take the division from them last year and then watch them run away with it this year.

If you’re still holding out hope, please keep in mind one thing. Only the Pirates and Nationals are worse than the D-backs…and one of those two teams just took two of three from the D-backs at Chase Field.

Since I mentioned Manny’s suspension, there’s something you should SEE. Jose Canseco hinted that he thought Manny was on something last year. Since he was right, he thought the media would want to talk to him so he called a press conference. Since media is plural, I guess we should say “the medium” was there to cover it.