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Doug: Enjoying guest hosts

I love the first few days of guest co-hosts.

There’s no doubt the show takes a hit without Wolf. He brings an unmatched energy that I think we all need in the morning. His point-of-view is so different than anyone else you’ll meet. He gives the show an edge because there’s no way to anticipate where he’s going to go.

The reason why I enjoy the first few days when Wolf is gone is a reflection on this city. There are just so many good guys that are fun to talk to that I enjoy different people that come in to help us out. New co-hosts bring an incredible freshness to the show because sports-talk radio is about conversation and you really get to know these guys better than you can in their “day” jobs.

Usually the guys that come in are former athletes from the broadcast world or a player. Since we normally get small doses of the co-host in their regular job, this gives us a chance to breathe. Let them talk without being rushed.

I use the term “freshness” because it does get stale without Wolf after a few days. There’s just a void that becomes more apparent as the days go by that the show is missing something without Wolf.

Wednesday, Daron Sutton filled in for Wolf (since some of you had OT trouble today, “Sutton” was OT-WOTD). The man is just as genuine in “real” life as you see him on TV. Great guy to talk to.

Thursday (6-25-09) is Eddie Johnson day. Great work by Yoda to get a great basketball mind the day of the draft.

Friday, Wolf and I are both out. Dave Pasch and Paul Calvisi are filling in. Should be very entertaining with the chemistry they already have. However, there will be some strong content as well. Dave has been doing college and NBA basketball for ESPN all winter. He’s seen all the best college players and talked to their coaches in production meetings, plus seen the holes on some NBA teams. He’ll know who plugs those holes well for different franchises.

Don’t know if you feel the same way I do when Wolf’s gone but it’s two good things. It’s good to hear other people come in and it’s great when he comes back.