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Doug: Suns should listen to Grandma

$#)% or get off the pot.

I realize that starting a blog with an impolite word is not appropriate for a co-host of a show that prides itself on the fact your kids can listen to Doug & Wolf.

My Grandmother always says, “Poop, or get off the pot.” When you’re old school German-Catholic, the word poop is rarely used, thus the symbols.

I think Grandma’s demands are not being met by the Suns. Robert Sarver needs to decide if he wants to be an owner of a franchise that wants to win a championship or if he just wants to have front row seats. If he’s going to cry about the economy, then sell the team to someone who wants to win.

No more low-balling character people like Alvin Gentry and Grant Hill.

No more hiring fewer coaches than other teams.

No more waiting until the deadline after every transaction to add a player because you don’t want to pay a salary.

Either poop, or get off the pot.

This is a team that sells out every game. This is a team that gets great ratings on television and radio. The fans are doing they’re part in supporting the team. The Suns are not returning the favor to fans.

The Suns have one more spot on their roster. My question is what are they going to do about it? Will the Suns try to tell us how great the young player played in the Summer League or will they go after a key free agent? I will not blast the Suns for trading Shaq in order to create cap flexibility. I will rip them if they don’t use that flexibility to sign someone to that last roster spot who will actually contribute this season.

Look at this list of still available players.

The Suns aren’t competing for any of them.

Sign Linas Kleiza!

No matter what the future holds for the Suns, he is a player that can fit into that future. He’s immediate offense off the bench. He can out muscle a SF. He can hit the three or drive against a PF. He can play a small role on a team that’s loaded or handle starting on a team that’s in transition.

I’m not saying signing Kleiza or others on this list will bring the Suns a championship. I am saying that signing someone shows an undying commitment to winning. We expect our athletes to do whatever it takes to win, why not owners?

I don’t want to hear about the Suns financial woes. The financial trouble of the Suns was caused by two decisions: hiring D’Antoni as a GM and the Shaq trade.

D’Antoni signed terrible contracts to average players and Kerr hasn’t made great moves trying to get out of those bad contracts.

If it wasn’t for the Shaq trade, $18 million dollars would be off the salary cap this year.

Bill Simmons of said “owning/running a franchise like Robert Sarver does is like making a boys trip to Vegas but setting the limit at $50. If that’s your limit, then don’t go, you’re just a drag on the rest of us.”

I’d like to add to that. Sarver goes to Vegas and sits in the hotel room doing nothing because of his pre-set spending limit. On the last day he plunks down everything on Black and is shocked he lost it all while blaming Vegas, the economy, and says he didn’t get what he wanted.

The Shaq trade didn’t work because it was the wrong move. Spending money wasn’t the problem. Don’t spend the money only on the big ticket stuff so fans and media say you’re great for a day. Spend the money on building a team 1-13 on the roster. It’s the only way to get to the Finals.