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Doug: Legally speaking

Tuesday we had Lester Munson on the show. Roger Cossack and Munson are the legal analysts for ESPN.

I strongly encourage you to listen to the interview because he touches on three major subjects: Vick, Burress and American Needle.

You hear those subjects and you assume I’ve ranked them in importance. I didn’t. They’re ranked in sequential order of their appearance in the interview. In my opinion, the American Needle is by far the most important subject.

I’m sure you can’t find a reason why American Needle is something you should care about, but if you’ve ever been to a sporting event, watched a sporting event, or worn a jersey of a professional athlete, this is vital information.

The NFL actually won a court case against American Needle and then did the unprecedented step of supporting American Needle’s appeal of the ruling. Name a time in sports where the winner appeals the outcome!

After you hear Lester tell you his initial reaction to the NFL’s action, read his article.

Listen to Doug and Wolf’s entire interview with Lester Munson here.