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Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 7

After six weeks Doug is giving all the teams with a 0 in the L column big props as he ranks them one through four.

1. SAINTS: Whenever you rush for 124y and don’t give up a sack to NYG’s defense while holding their offense to 84y rushing and go 5-0 on the season, you’re number one…@MIA will be interesting coming off a big win and everyone talking about NO
2. COLTS: In all the Peyton talk, did you know IND’s “D” is second in points allowed @14/game?
3. VIKINGS: Moved up a spot because BAL missed a FG and NYG got hammered but I’d still like to see a win @PIT to become a true believer in the magic
4. BRONCOS: Really tough 2 game stretch @BAL & vPIT, but I said that about the last 2 game stretch…the defense is getting close to allowing only single digits per game
5. GIANTS: I said in the preseason they’d go 7-0…looks like I blew that with 6-1 as my consolation prize (sorry AZ fan)
6. FALCONS: The stats are amazing—opponents have more 1st downs, more rushing yards, more passing yards and more FG’s…the catch is ATL +8 in sacks, +5 in TO’s and have scored 16 TD’s while allowing only 8
7. PATRIOTS: Uh oh, Brady’s back…would be ahead of ATL if their H2H wasn’t in NE
8. BENGALS: 3 free wins coming up end of NOV and early DEC but CIN must get through vCHI, vBAL & @PIT first…do you see why getting to the top is easier than staying there?
9. RAVENS: Try this for a schedule stretch–@NE, vCIN, @MIN (go 0-3), vDEN, @CIN, BYE (OK, really @CLE but same thing), vIND, vPIT, @GB
10. STEELERS: Outgaining opponents by 50 yards a game but -4 in TO’s and Big Ben’s been sacked 16 times so PIT doesn’t find the end zone
11. PACKERS: Rodgers has been sacked 25 times in five games…if it wasn’t for the +8 TO margin, this team would be a wreck
12. BEARS: What did you see @ATL that made you want to give Cutler an extension?
13. 49ERS: Huge stretch of games—out of the next 5 games, 1-1 is a guarantee and the other three are toss-ups @HOU, @IND, vTEN, vCHI & @ GB…averaging 13 1st downs/game—too bad opponents are getting 18
14. CARDINALS: Go 3-0 @NYG, vCAR, & @CHI and you’re looking at a 6 game winning streak towards division crown—but 0-3 would end playoff hopes…I’m taking 1-1 and a big fat “I have no idea” @CHI
15. COWBOYS: Statistically offense is one of the best but can’t score while defense is one of the worst but doesn’t allow TD’s—that equals boring and Jerry hates boring
16. JETS: The only team that plays worse @OAK than NYJ is OAK…now 30th in passing and almost irrelevant

17. CHARGERS: Norv does less with more than any head coach in the history of the NFL
18. TEXANS: Still two losses coming against IND but 6 of the other 8 games are vSF, @BUF, vTEN, @JAX, vSEA & @STL—must go 5-1 to have a chance at the 6 seed
19. DOLPHINS: The trend will continue—lose three, win two, lose three…the wildcat is great and they average 4.8/rush but they’re not good enough to sustain the long drives so -3 in TO’s and only 2 more TD’s than opponents will be the theme all year

20. SEAHAWKS: Hasselbeck is good but rest of team is either hurt or average—by the time SEA is healthy and good, they’ll need a QB
21. JAGUARS: This team is awful, it’s just there’s so many bad teams they almost crack the top 20
22. PANTHERS: Season ends with loss vBUF because @AZ and @NO is next…misleading stat of the week=2nd in pass defense—because every opponent has a lead and they run out the clock
23. RAIDERS: You actually played but Al’s still alive so you’ll still lose at least 10 games
24. BROWNS: 2nd round pick Robiskie has one more catch than I do
25. BILLS: Giving up 181 yards/game on the ground…only two games left that are winnable and they’re both on the road
26. LIONS: If you’re on the TV crew that will broadcast STL@DET, do you know you’re bad at your job or are games like this used as punishment for talented people that need a wake-up call?
27. CHIEFS: Congratulations Todd Haley…why are you waiting for a joke, I meant it
28. EAGLES: Are you the 28th best team in the NFL, no—do you deserve it after your @OAK performance, absolutely
29. REDSKINS: Not as big a joke as OAK but worse than CLE

30. BUCS: 0-16 looks like a real possibility now
31. TITANS: Worst defense in the NFL…take off the Peyton jersey Jeff and get back to coaching defense
32. RAMS: Stephen Jackson is their leading receiver—maybe that’s why they average 9 pts/game