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Doug’s NFL Power Poll – Week 12

The NFC North had a tough Sunday and Doug did have the Bengals and Steelers featured quite high. Losses to the bottom of the AFC West will change that. The NFC North is now back-to-back-to-back in Doug’s Power Poll except – of course – for the Browns. The 7-3 NFC West leading Cardinals are creeping their way up and are nearly in his Top 5.

1. SAINTS: Lost in the high-powered offense is 4.8y/c and a +10 TO ratio…so what in the world do I do for the Power Poll if NE wins @NO?
2. COLTS: Every game except last game @BUF is against an average team that will be fighting for playoff life…did anyone know IND is #1 in scoring defense?
3. VIKINGS: The QB has a 21/3 TD to INT ratio while the RB is one yard shy of 1K…sched isn’t easy the rest of the way—#2 seed could be in jeopardy
4. PATRIOTS: 3rd in pts scored and 2nd in pts given up—that’s good…only 2 above .500 opponents left (of course one is @ 10-0 NO on MNF)
5. CHARGERS: Lost RT for the season and signed Runyan, I didn’t know Runyan was still playing…defense allows some bad numbers but the +5 in TO ratio is enough for the offense

6. CARDINALS: How good with this team be if it wasn’t -5 in TO’s…don’t buy the VY hype @TEN, their DB’s can’t handle AZ’s offense which will force VY to throw down field and that means INT’s
7. COWBOYS: Averaging 5y/c in the run game but they refuse to listen to me and run more…maybe Romo’s 7 picks, below 100 rating, and DAL only being +2 in sacks will convince them
8. BENGALS: 3rd best scoring “D”…I’m amazed a player feels no guilt cashing their pay check when they lose to OAK
9. STEELERS: 515y to 282 @KC and lost…with Polamalu=a SB team, without Polamalu=decent team that could slip into playoffs as a #6 seed but probably stays home
10. RAVENS: I don’t care they’re 5-5, the sched is brutal…despite great opponents, still 4th in scoring “D”
11. PACKERS: How can you be 6-4 with a +14 TO ratio? Have your QB hold the ball too long and go -18 in sacks
12. TEXANS: Kubiak was supposed to bring a solid running game from DEN, so why are they 30th in rushing?…Fair or not vIND could determine if Kubiak’s back
13. EAGLES: McNabb completes 62% for almost 2K with a 14/5 TD/INT ratio, so why am I so unimpressed this year?
14. JAGUARS: This can’t be the 14th best team but no one else deserves to be higher…last time they went out west they lost 41-0, this week @SF
15. GIANTS:: Remember when they had the best O-line and brought unbelievable pressure with a 4-man rush?…now they’re only +6 in sacks
16. BRONCOS: The battle for the 15th spot in the PP Thanksgiving night…
17. DOLPHINS: Highest rated QB is Ronnie Brown, a RB on IR…must win @BUF because sched finishes strong
18. TITANS: Still can’t believe a Jeff Fisher coached team is 30th in pts allowed…only given up 7 sacks on the season
19. FALCONS: Without Michael Turner, Tony G isn’t as strong a weapon and the TOP goes down exposing defense…vTB should fix everything
20. 49ERS: Converting only 30% of 3rd downs, while opponents are converting 43%…looking at the stats there’s one thing that stands out, SF isn’t good
21. BEARS: Cutler’s 74.5 QB rating is not his fault, just ask him
22. PANTHERS: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a QB keep his job with a 66 rating…averaging 5y/c, too bad they’re -8 in TO ratio
23. JETS: Amazingly, they’re 11/14 on 4th down conversions…this Ryan “D” is 24th in sacks and -6 in TO ratio, not impressive
24. CHIEFS: Released LJ and now RB Kolby Smith is out…-22 in sack differential and averaging only 3.6y/c—O-line a focus in the draft?
25. RAIDERS: This franchise won’t win 7 games until Al Davis is dead…they have to go 4-2 to prove me wrong
26. REDSKINS: Just to show you how bad the “O” is, the “D” is 6th in pts, 4th in total “D” and #1 against the pass—however the team is 3-4
27. BILLS: Why is Dick Jauron still listed as head coach on the website?
28. SEAHAWKS: Senaca Wallace is 0.6 behind the starter in QB rating…it should be a rule, if you go on a 3-game road trip, it must end in STL
29. LIONS: When you beat CLE, you vault to the top of the bottom…Mangini accused DET of faking injuries to slow down 31st ranked offense—do I need a punch line?
30. RAMS: Bulger had an MRI on groin, MRI on hamstring, concussion test, and he’s out 3 to 6 weeks with a broken leg…what happened to the tough guys?
31. BUCS: Worst team against the rush and giving up almost 30pts/game so the DC loses play-calling…if 1-9 is the end of the HC’s patience, what about ownership with the HC?
32. BROWNS: Which number 11 is worse? The total number of TD’s on the year or the in the hole on TO ratio