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Doug: Favorite Kurt Warner memory

I know out of everything he’s done on the field, memory’s belong on the field. However, for me the man Kurt Warner stands out much more than the quarterback.

My greatest memory of Kurt Warner was the way he answered a question of mine while in Flagstaff.

I set-up a question by bringing up the way the Rams dumped him, the limited chance he really got while in New York, and how quickly Denny Green bailed on him.

So I asked, “Why aren’t you a jerk like so many other people would be after being treated like this?”

“Because I know the type of person I want to be.”

He continued to talk about the blessings he’s received playing the game of football. Even though there has been times he’s been upset, he thought it would be hypocritical of him to allow the negatives to change him since everything in his life has been so overwhelmingly positive.

There are very few adults (other than first responders and military members) who are role models to other adults. My favorite Kurt Warner memory is simply every time I’ve had the chance to talk to Kurt Warner. He just has that affect on you.