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Doug: A quick conversation changed outlook on 2010 Cardinals

Do you ever believe in the completely illogical? I’m not talking Wolf’s
belief in Big Foot. I mean do you ever feel like you know something is
right even though you hear a voice that says, “You know better than to buy

I am allowing a conversation that was less than 15 minutes affect what I
think of the 2010 Arizona Cardinals. Yes, I know. I hear the voice.

Matt Leinart was on the show Wednesday. After listening to what he said, I
became very bullish on the Cardinals. In no way am I predicting he’s about
to embark on a Hall of Fame career.

Leinart’s comments grabbed me in a way few radio conversations do. I
was amazed by his confidence. It’s easy to say a Heisman trophy winner
and 1st round pick should have plenty of confidence. It’s much harder to
keep that confidence after the way his professional career has gone.

I wouldn’t be impressed if his confidence was based on his college
success. As the saying goes, “that and 50 cents will get you a can of pop.”
His confidence seemed based on the work he’s done as a Cardinal to
prepare for this moment. Matt Leinart doesn’t believe he’s ready to be a
winning NFL QB because he was a winning USC QB. Matt Leinart believes
he will be a winning NFL QB because he’s busted his butt for three years
learning this system.

Haven’t we all had a moment in our career when we thought we were
working hard and we got exposed? It wasn’t because we didn’t want to
work hard. Our desire for success wasn’t any lower. It was that mentor or
that someone above us or maybe even a rival that showed us how much
more needed to be done. It wasn’t because we didn’t have the heart for it
but we just didn’t know what it really took to be great.

For three years Matt Leinart has learned what it takes to be a great NFL QB
simply by watching the man in the gold jacket. He thought he was
working hard. He thought he knew how to prepare. He prepared just like
he did to play Cal, ASU or Notre Dame. Now he knows so much more than

The cruel world stepped in and showed him the door once. I think he’s
about ready to kick it open again.

Listen to the entire Matt Leinart interview with Doug & Wolf.