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Doug: Cardinals get fantastic first round pick

The Arizona Cardinals benefitted greatly from two things.

The ignorance of others and the hard work they put towards draft preperation.

It was amazing. Every time someone pretending to have a clue how to run an NFL franchise made a draft pick, another good player fell to the Arizona Cardinals. Tyson Alualu might have been there on Tuesday for Jacksonville. His selection at 10 pushed players down. San Diego helped out the Cardinals by thinking you should grab Ryan Mathews at number 12. Then the kicker. Despite having Orton and trading for Quinn, Denver shocked the world and went for Tebow.

These three picks gave Arizona so many options. The Cards had Odrick, Wilson, Mays, Kindle, Brown and Hughes still on the board when they selected Williams at 26.

Going into the draft, I wanted the Cards to trade down because there were going to be so many players available for them later in the draft. If I was running the Cards draft, you would have had to give me a ton to get me to trade down with Williams on the board. I’m assuming no one gave them a knock down offer.

I care about value. Williams has it at 26.

I care about not drafting projects in the first round. Williams is NFL ready.

Williams is a fantastic pick.