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Doug: Frye time

Channing is going to go off tonight.

Yes, I know I’m the only one on the Frye bandwagon tonight.

Yes, I know I was the main one driving straight at the bandwagon with an 18-wheeler after his performance in game 2.

The difference is rhythm, flow and waking-up to the fact you’re in the Western Conference Finals. I think Channing is finally there.

In Game 2 he was atrocious. In his first play on the floor he threw a lazy pass and then weakly hustled back on defense to grab the ball out of the net instead of attacking the trailing Odom on a boxout. The ball didn’t go through the net and Odom easily had a stick-back. That play is the definition of being mentally unprepared to play.

In Game 3, he was more mentally prepared to play. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complimenting his Game 3 performance. However, there’s no reason to attack his professionalism in Game 3 like I did in Game 2. Other than a shot he forced to beat the shot clock (he was hung out to dry by a teammate and deserves nothing negative on that play) all of his shot were sound shots within the offense. He only hesitated on his first one. He woke up a little in Game 3.

I’m not grasping at straws and trying to find small positives. I’m looking for signs that can predict the future. Channing Frye will have a great Game 4. There will be another game in Phoenix. GO SUNS!