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Doug: What I want to see

Technically, week 2 started a few days ago. However, since Sunday was an off-day and all of us start the work week on Monday, I’ll say week 2 starts now.

I was at every scrimmage and every practice except two. Here’s 5 things I’d like to see in week 2 that I didn’t see in week 1:


I still believe in Matt Leinart as a solid NFL quarterback. I’m not dumb enough to change an opinion after a week of training camp. With regret, I do admit that Matt has been a disappointment so far. It could easily be my fault, maybe my expectations were too high.

I want to see fewer double-pumps and more completions. Leinart doesn’t pump fake to juke a safety. He pump fakes because he hasn’t made a decision on what to do. He doesn’t throw to a spot expecting the WR to be there. He waits until he’s absolutely sure it’s the right decision. In the NFL, that’s too long to wait. You have to know where people will be and then throw it to that window. If you wait until you’re sure someone’s open, he won’t be by the time the ball gets there.

It’s not all bad. There are flashes of the QB you want to see and that’s why I still believe.


Right now, Stephen Williams is the 4th best WR in camp. Although I’m a huge fan of the rookie from my beloved Mid-American Conference, he’s not ready to be your fourth WR. Onrea Jones doesn’t get open on a consistent basis. Ed Gant is just kind of there. Then there’s Andre Roberts. He has a weird problem for a WR. He can’t catch.


I think this defense, when in regular personnel, is one of the best in the NFL. Yes, I really said that. The front 7 is great and the depth on the D-line is unbelievable. The secondary with DRC, A-Dub, and Kerry Rhodes is solid. The problem is the CB spot opposite DRC.

I have a feeling almost every opponent will not let the Cards sit in their regular personnel. I think 3-wide will be the minimum for a game while 4 and 5-wide will be the norm. I think that will cause major problems for DC Bill Davis — not that he can’t handle it mentally but the personnel is the problem.

I won’t know about this one until the HOU game because of number 2 above isn’t going to give me a read on number 3 during practice.


Brown’s camp has been outstanding but it’s been just that “camp.”

Full disclosure, I was never a big fan of this draft pick. Maybe the key was leaving him at LT instead of moving him to the right side since LT was where he’s played from HS through PSU. I want to see if his first week is for real or just a string of good practices. If the week 1 Levi Brown is the same one we’ll see this year, maybe my number 1 issue above will solve itself.


I told you before how many practices I’ve been to and I’ve yet to see Becht play. Patrick looked good but got hurt last Wednesday (left knee). Spach just gets in fights. Surprisingly, Byrd has looked good in pass patterns but I’m not so sure he could keep Fun Katy off the QB if he had to block her.

There’s nothing I’ve read from the other divisional opponents or seen in Flagstaff that moves me off of the prediction that Arizona repeats as divisional champion. I’m just being a little greedy after one week.