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Doug: Quick reactions

• Leinart—better than in practice but still hung Larry out to dry

• BKeith—can’t handle Mario

• Fanaca—if he’s a HOFer, he didn’t show it

• DWash—Wow…can cover and blow up running backs

• DWill—three plays sequence: ended up pushed back 8 yards/stuffed a 3rd & 1/pushed back on QB sneak for 1st down…Washington looks like the 1st rounder and Williams the 2nd

• Toler—better than in any practice in Flag

• DA—pick was tipped but it was thrown in coverage

• Togafau—showed why he always bounces between practice squad and inactive list

• Branch—solid not flashy got held twice that wasn’t called

• Iwebema—constant energy, great special teams block

• Roberts—if I’m trapped on the 2nd floor of a fiery building with a baby, I’m not tossing him the kid…wonderful block on the TD run

• Lutui—does he want a job?

• Green—hard to keep him off the field

• Jefferson—inconsistant…couple real nice plays and two completely blown angles

• Dray—never seen him in practice because he was always hurt but looked good blocking and receiving

• Wells—no holes but ran hard…read coverage well and sat down in zone for TD rec

• Williams—just keeps going…great catches including the PF he drew and hung on the ball…next play draws PI

• Skelton—didn’t play this well in practice…maybe he’s the QB that gets the gamer tag