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Doug: Notes from Cardinals win against Broncos
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Doug: Notes from Cardinals win against Broncos

Broncos win toss and want the ball

Huge return but brought back on hold

1st & 10 DEN -12
Moreno up the gut, b-rob completely moved out of the way

INC forced pass

Went right at DRC to Lloyd. DRC completely turned around…1st down

Deep slant in front of Toler…big cushion

Moreno off tackle…no push from Dockett

@ DRC to Lloyd on 9 route back shoulder throw

Moreno at Dockett

A-Dub tips away TD…early game plan: throw @ DRC and run at Dockett

32y FG off upright good

3-0 DEN 10:36 1st Q

LSH return to -39 10:30 1st Q

Off guard one yard

Fitz didn’t take care of ball for a fumble…CKW challenge

Overturned…bad call

Wright drops screen that would have gone for a 1st down

Patrick shank

DEN ball 3-0 DEN -25 9:37 1st Q

Branch held up under DBL team and Lenon came thru…3 yd for Moreno

DRC comes over Royal in most aggressive move he’s made in 2 months

DRC forces a high throw…great coverage

Punt…59y…25 ret

AZ ball -38: DEN 3-0; 8:39 1st Q

Bad choice by Hightower…missed hole 0y

9 route to Breaston…good coverage…INC

Great pass from Skelton who got crunched…Breaston drop


Moreno middle for 7…B-Rob again manhandled


Campbell, Porter miss tackles…Moreno 1st down

Moreno cut back gain 3

Outstanding defense. No one bought the playfake and
Johnson just missed INT


INT Adams…Orton stared down receiver

AZ ball +23; DEN 3-0; 5:45 1st Q

Wells middle, better push for 5y

Too high for Doucett…good lob to make him fight for it…why not run and make it 3rd and short

Pass in flat…covered and behind receiver

36y FG 3-3 4:35 1st Q

Fumble just thrown up in the air…Schofield w recovery

AZ ball +41: 3-3; 3:14 1st Q

Amazing pass to Doucett dropped…stepped up after play action to avoid rush and kept his eyes down the field

Wells in 4 hole…he looks much faster than Hightower

Breaston can catch!! Gain of 2 on 3rd & 8

Punt…33y to the 1…LSH missed but AZ got lucky bounce

DEN ball -4; 3-3; 1:35 1st Q

Defense asks for noise and gives up 4y off LT

Williams holds up in dble team and D-Wash cleans up…Moreno 4y

Haggans beats RT with inside move…-10

End of 1st Q

Punt…8 yrd ret…50 y punt

AZ ball +47; 3-3; 14:45 2nd Q

Hightower off RG…2y gain

Skelton looked off WR and found TE…9y

Reverse to Breaston…huge block by Skelton

Off RT couldn’t get outside…no one set edge and Hightower looks slow

No flag?? Breaston held on the slant


Seem route to Roberts…Lutui PF

48y FG Feely…6-3 AZ…11:50 2nd Q

Den ball -25


Dockett with pressure…INC
Moreno off RT…no edge set…porter crashed inside and blew assignment…Adams missed 2 tackles

Deep for Lloyd…flag ill contact on Toler

Lenon flowed in hole the whole play…Branch wouldn’t be moved

Adams missed tackle…fumble…replay doesn’t have a good shot of it

AZ ball -41; 6-3 AZ; 10:55 2nd Q

Comeback to Fitz for 11

Square out to Fitz for 4

Skelton needed a little more air but Fitz was held…no call…called offensive holding

Doucett up the hash…13y…good pocket

Bad pass almost champ INT

Punt…33y…no return to 8y line

DEN ball -8; 6-3 AZ; 8:12 2nd Q

ww…Moreno 7y

quick pass to Moreno right where A-Dub blitzed from for 1st down…7y

Lenon just missed Orton on delayed blitz…11y in front of safety


Rhodes INT…Orton terrible pass

AZ ball +24; AZ 6-3; 6:03 2nd Q

Great catch…Skelton avoided the rush…terrible call by the ref…INC…CKW challenge

Wins challenge

Wells missed hole to the right and still picked up 6y


Roll-out but too much pressure allowed

Feely on the fake…TD

AZ 13-3; 4:02 2nd Q

DEN ball -20

Lenon shot gap and slowed play Williams finished

A-Dub was amazing…destroyed Moreno 3y

PI on Adams…very poor call

Orton roll…found no one 4th down

Punt…adams got a way with block in the back 58y punt…

AZ ball -26; 13-3; 1:44 2nd Q

Roberts square out…AZ takes off-sides penalty

Bad skelton pass

Doucett drops fast ball

Draw to Hightower…great play call…1st down

Skelton sq out to fitz…+18

Fumbled snap

Again…Sendlein leaves with cut thumb

I like the inside screen to make the FG easier

55 FG near end of half…career long

End of HT

25y ret

AZ ball -23; 16-3 AZ; 14:52 3rd Q

Square out to Fitz…12y

Great push by Sendlein…9y for Hightower

Hightower off RT 2y…1st down

Skelton avoids sack and runs over DB for 1st down

Hightower off LT

Bad pass great catch to fitz for 3y

Tipped pass

23y FG; 19-3 AZ; 9:40 3rd Q

51y ret

DEN ball +40; 9:30 3rd Q

Almost strikes again…Orton breaks Campbell sack for 5y

Dockett was destroyed by RT…Moreno 11y

INC…good Toler coverage

INC…late flag…Dockett got pushed…3rd down & 25

Gaffney good come back route…17y

Missed FG

AZ ball -30; AZ 19-3; 7:11 3rd Q

INC…DRAY saved INT…Fitz limps off

Wells -6

Wonderful pass to Roberts…1st down on 3rd & long

Wells middle (Sendlein) +5

Off-sides +5

Bad flip almost INT

No PI??…3rd & 10

Almost perfect pass but tipped away

Punt…41y…no ret

DEN ball -7; AZ 19-3; 4:23 3rd Q


Moreno middle…Schofield filled gap

Schofield dropped INT…3 & out

Nice return with little blocking on huge punt

60y punt 15y ret

AZ ball -41; AZ 19-3; 2:54 3rd Q

Hightower around RT…9y

Reverse to Doucett…1st down

One-step drop on go to doucett INC

Deep slant LSH…PF…ball on +27

Roll-out and then throw away…should have run

FS on Fitz

Deep ally-oop to Fitz

Punt…FG unit comes on the field…hooks 50y attempt

DEN ball -40; AZ 19-3; 1:03 3rd Q

Hand-off fumble with Orton…Campbell recovers

Reverse pass INC

Hightower over Fanaca…getting stronger…+8



End of 3rd

Feely 49y FG

DEN ball -34; 14:47 4TH q

FS -5

INC…good pass Royal couldn’t make play

Branch actually beat his man so bad he ran past the play

Stopped paying attention