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Baseball is broken and I want to fix it

Baseball is broken.

There are too many cooks in the kitchen. With so many agendas it won’t be fixed as long as so many are in it for themselves. Someone needs to be named dictator to fix the game. There are many more worthwhile candidates than me to hold the position. Since I couldn’t get Bob Costas, Daniel Okrent or Bill James to write my blog, I will accept the job.

We are 9 weeks away from the first pitch of the 2011 season. Over the course of the next 8 weeks I will give you 8 things that a true leader of baseball would do to fix the game. Each blog will build on the previous blog. The ninth blog will be the prediction blog. Since I got almost every prediction right last year, I should probably not risk it by making more predictions but I will live dangerously.

Here are the 9 things that need fixed and the dates I’ll try to fix the problem as we lead up to opening day.

1) The New York Problem: 2/2

2) Expansion: 2/9

3) Radical Realignment: 2/16

4) Eliminating the Sport’s Pariah: 2/23

5) Survival of the Fittest: 3/2

6) Playoff Expansion – Part I and Playoff Expansion – Part II: 3/9

7) Interleague Play: 3/16

8) A Look Back: 3/23

9) The 2011 World Series: 3/30

It’s time to get our hands dirty. Let’s get started.