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Jets quarterback Bryce Petty struggles with helmet issue

The New York Jets have had some notable quarterback mishaps over the last several years.

Bryce Petty just added a clip to the lowlight real.

In the bitter cold against New England, the starting QB found himself in a slight predicament as he tried to put his helmet on.

In Petty’s defense it was a whopping 13 degrees in Gillette Stadium at kickoff and any extra warmth that could have been tacked on was certainly justified.

Much more justified than running into the butt of your offensive lineman for no reason and fumbling the football.

The Jets were looking strong earlier in the season after a three-game win streak that brought them over .500 following their week five win over the Browns. Since then they have lost eight of their last 10 and fallen to the bottom of the AFC East standings.

But hey, they will still finish with a better record than the Giants!

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