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Only team that could stop ASU is ASU

It’s clear. Other than Oregon, whoever lines up against ASU is irrelevant. ASU’s competition is ASU.

ASU is 3-1. Full disclosure: I’m 2-2. I thought ASU would beat Illinois but they’d lose to USC. After the ASU win I realized how much all four games have been more about ASU than the competition.

The Illinois game was terribly played by ASU. Through film study and talking to people within the program, a lot of the mistakes were made by players trying to do things they can’t do at the college level.

I’m not saying the players aren’t talented enough. It’s more of a case where it takes time for some players to learn the things they could do in high school, they can’t do in college. You can coach a kid all you want but sometimes they just have to do it wrong on the field to get the message. That’s exactly what happened against Illinois.