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Franz’s 2012 NFL Power Poll – Week 7

1) ATLANTA FALCONS: When will they learn? (kicker misses FGA, finds out a timeout was called and makes FGA)…no Atlanta coach has won 50 games in team history (Smith = 49).

2) NEW YORK GIANTS: +9 in sacks and +7 in turnovers are why they look good again.

3) HOUSTON TEXANS: Will quickly right the ship (if it was wronged) vs. injured Baltimore and bad defense Buffalo with a bye in between.

4) CHICAGO BEARS: When you’re second in scoring average and first in points against, you’re good.

5) SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: I hate putting them so close to the Giants because the gap is clearly wide…In reality, Niner fans are no different than Raider fan.

6) BALTIMORE RAVENS: Before we signal their death due to injury, remember Lewis was only leading the 26th best defense in the league giving up 136 yards rushing/game.

7) SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: Give them credit, they win but don’t forget Russell Wilson leads the 2nd-worst passing attack in the league.

8) NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: Two games away from setting the record for most 350+ yard games for an offense…should win next 2 vs the Jets and at St. Louis before the bye.

9) GREEN BAY PACKERS: Stats say this is a very average team but the eyes saw something completely different in Houston…schedule sets up great to get on a roll (St. Louis on the road with Jags & Cards at home).

10) DENVER BRONCOS: Manning averaging 300+ yards/game and is second in QB rating, just like old times.

11) WASHINGTON REDSKINS: Thirty-four quarterbacks have started a game and none of them have fewer INT’s than RGIII’s two picks, including Brady Quinn who only has one start and 140 fewer attempts…could be staring 3-5 in the face (at Giants & at Steelers).

12) MINNESOTA VIKINGS: Brees, Flacco, Rivers, Romo & phenoms Wilson and Bradford are all looking up at Ponder in QB rating…Kyle Rudolph is 4th in TD receptions.

13) ARIZONA CARDINALS: -11 in sacks vs their opponent, -278 in yards vs their opponent and only converting 32% of 3rd downs…this is not a good enough offense to be 22nd in rushing attempts.

14) NEW YORK JETS: Allowing an amazing 4.9 yards/carry allows offenses to eat clock, forcing Sanchez and the 30th-best pass offense to throw.

15) MIAMI DOLPHINS: The secret is the #5 rush defense and allowing only 19.5 points/game which has given enough time for Tannehill to learn…has two weeks to get ready for revenge at the Jets.

16) PHILADELPHIA EAGLES: The defense has been a problem but when you’re 31st in scoring offense that’s a much bigger problem…welcome to the job Todd Bowles, your prize is Matt Ryan and undefeated Atlanta after the bye.

17) SAN DIEGO CHARGERS: what happened Philip?

18) CINCINNATI BENGALS: 32nd in 3rd down conversions at only 27%…only thing worse is the -7 turnover ratio.

19) ST. LOUIS RAMS: Bradford is only 21st in rating, it’s time for him to prove himself…will certainly need the bye after Green Bay and New England come to town.

20) TENNESSEE TITANS: It doesn’t do it justice to say 32nd in rushing, getting only 70 yards/game on the ground should be lower than last.

21) PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Todd Haley was brought in to bring back the run and he improved it to be better than Tennessee (74.8).

22) DALLAS COWBOYS: Shows the struggles of the offense to be 2-3 with the best pass defense and 2nd-ranked overall defense.

23) DETROIT LIONS: The only way to go 2-3 with the 2nd-ranked offense is to give up 28 pts/game, and they are.

24) BUFFALO BILLS: How do you go 3-3 with a terrible defense? RUN THE FOOTBALL! (147 yards/game).

25) TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS: Had a good game vs. KC but Freeman isn’t a good enough QB for this team to convert only 28% of it’s 3rd downs and do anything but 6-10.

26) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: Drew, you must change because your #1 ranking in passing offense is impressive but your last place defense isn’t good enough for you to be 30th in rush offense so please eat some clock.

27) OAKLAND RAIDERS: After looking for 20 minutes for something nice to say I found a positive stat, Janikowski is 10-for-10 on FGAs.

28) CAROLINA PANTHERS: For all the grief Newton has taken, he’s still rated higher than Stafford and Cutler.

29) INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Pass defense is really good but when you’re -8 in turnovers and getting gashed for 5 yards/carry, you’re just not good.

30) JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: It’s not just the worst offense this year but one of the worst ever…Did hear that the owner got into a yellow cab at the league meetings instead of waiting for his “driver”, so I think that’s cool.

31) CLEVELAND BROWNS: Mike Holmgren is a great football coach as he took Seattle to the Super Bowl after he stepped down as GM/President, he’s just not good enough in the front office.

32) KANSAS CITY CHIEFS: Have never played with a lead in any game this year.