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Doug’s Four-point Stance: 2/19/13

The musings of Doug Franz, the co-host of Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 620.


Every time I watch UNLV, I hope Bennett stays one more year. The Suns are loaded with future first round picks. UNLV has very odd substitiution patterns with Bennett. I can’t figure out if he’s out-of-shape or simply patient. He doesn’t always run hard but he’s a great blend of a small forward in a power forward’s body. I want Bennett but I want to be sure what I’m getting so I’d rather he stays in school. The Suns will be bad enough next year that they can draft him then.


The guy never stops doing the amazing. Coyotes get embarrassed against Chicago. Tippett goes after Yandle and Doan in his post-game press conference. It was the second consecutive weak game from Yandle. Mike Smith who carried the team last year was yanked. Since then, magic.

The ‘Yotes have won four of their last five. Yandle has been playing at an All-Star level. Doan had a two-goal game. Smith has thrown in two shutouts. Phoenix is now one point shy of home-ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs.


Huge win at Colorado. Great for Evan Gordon to show the intelligence and aggression at the end of overtime while attacking the rim and finishing strong. Bachynski had stretches where he played much better than he has in recent weeks.

So why aren’t I excited? Too many basic mistakes at the end of games. Coaches slowing down the pace to milk clock with only one-possession leads. Horrific free throw shooting. Point guards receiving in-bounds passes in the corner and allowing themselves to be trapped. Long three-pointers at the end of the shot clock. After two pathetic years of ASU basketball, I should just be happy with the wins when they come, but winning for 38 minutes only to hold on for dear life isn’t winning.


Spent 20 minutes talking to Joe Torre on Monday’s show. Took two minutes to realize why he was so successful in New York. He’s so thoughtful with every answer. It’s easy to see how his demeanor creates an umbrella over the clubhouse that makes the media so much easier to deal with. The media in Boston and New York can be relentless. A Bobby Valentine creates so many distractions while a Joe Torre defuses them before they can even start.