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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Sarver was right, but not that right


Quite a few people are quick to give Sarver credit for deciding against giving Amaré Stoudemire a max contract. Amare’s career might be over. If it isn’t, it’s terribly expensive for the Knicks to be paying him not to play. Almost all player contracts are insured against injury, but no insurance company would insure Amare’s knees. Only the Knicks were willing to accept the risk.

I think Sarver deserves credit as well and has been proven right, however, I think he’s getting too much praise. If Sarver had given Amaré the max, he wouldn’t have signed Hakim Warrick, Channing Frye, Josh Childress and Hedo Turkoglu to long-term deals.

If we want to praise Sarver for not signing Amaré now that he’s not playing for the Knicks, what should we say for the lack of contributions from Warrick, Frye, Childress or Turkoglu?


You just won. Why in the world is that the time to go after an opposing assistant coach?

If that coach really wrecked your program, it was three years ago when he was an employee. You’ve had enough time to fix the damage.

Jeff Meyer was an Indiana assistant under Kelvin Sampson and Sampson did wreck the IU program. Crean has had plenty of time to take out his frustration on Meyer yet does it now. Meyer is now in charge of recruiting the state of Indiana for Michigan. Although I’m guessing, the only reason this much emotion comes from a coach in a win is if there’s a battle going on for a player in Indiana and Crean believes rules have been broken that he won’t say publicly.


It was a huge thrill to be at Chase Field Sunday for USA vs. Canada in the World Baseball Classic. I love being a father and bringing my daughters to events like that so they can experience the thrill of cheering for Team USA, and Jones made it worth it.

The Orioles center fielder came through with a clutch 7th inning two-run double while playing a spectacular outfield. I hope his career continues on a positive trend.


Normally on a day with big moves that hurt one of our local teams, I lose it. I’m tired of every Phoenix competitor making big moves while we sit on our hands, but this year it’s different.

I’m not upset because it’s the wrong time for the Cardinals to make a splash. This team is so far away from competing for a championship that it would be a waste of cap space and/or future picks to make a dramatic move. All Arizona needs is a QB, RB, LT, LG, RG, DE, ILB, SS and a CB opposite Patrick Peterson. I’m pretty confident there isn’t a trade in the world that will bring in that haul. This team can only be fixed in the draft.

Any anger you have towards the Cardinals as the 49ers and Seahawks get better is justified. Just be happy Michael Bidwill was angry too and made changes.