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Stanton signing should lead to improved QB play for Cardinals

LISTEN: Drew Stanton, Cardinals Quarterback

Loved talking to Drew Stanton Thursday.

Fifteen minutes of good conversation does not mean the Arizona Cardinals’ quarterback issues have been solved, but I love the signing.

You’re getting a guy who knows Arians’ offense, yet has a ton to prove. Normally that means he hasn’t done anything to earn a job somewhere else, but I don’t think that’s true here.

He had one year in Detroit and they had the first pick in the draft the next year. They chose Matthew Stafford. Then he went to the Jets to compete for the job, but they signed Tim Tebow without benching Mark Sanchez. He then went to Indy, but they drafted Andrew Luck. This is his first time truly competing for a job as a young player — but not a rookie.

I’m not saying the Cardinals are going to go to the playoffs. I just don’t think the quarterback position will be an abomination.