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Once again, the NCAA Tournament committee messed things up

My first reaction to this year’s NCAA Tournament bracket was disgust. I feel terrible for the kids at Oregon and Oklahoma State. Both teams worked all year just to see 10 months worth of work tossed aside by the ignorance of the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee.

Every year we hear the same excuses as to why they couldn’t get the bracket right. They use phrases like “the pod system” and “bracket challenges” to explain why some teams are located in one spot on the bracket. They tell us they want to avoid rematches in the first round, yet we have one. They say you have to earn the right to play close to home yet Cal is playing in San Jose as a 12-seed.

I’m convinced that one of two things are true: either the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee watches little all year and convenes in Indianapolis with their pants down or the rules put forth by the NCAA are just stupid and out-dated.

If the Accenture Match Play Championships can figure it out every year in Tucson then so can the NCAA. Just seed the teams 1-64 with the one seed going to the nearest sight to them and go straight down the list.

The Cowboys earned a five-seed and should be playing a proper 12-seed. The Ducks are at worst a 10 and should be a nine. Disagree? Name 40 schools better than Oregon. You can’t. A 12-seed means the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee thinks there are between 44 and 47 schools better than Oregon.

You choose NCAA…is it your committee guidelines that are clueless or is it the members?