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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Let’s hope the Washington accusation isn’t true


You are completely innocent until proven guilty in a court of law and, within that court, nothing should ever take that right away from you.

Outside of that court, you are completely guilty of not being the man we thought you were. Only .00096% of the U.S. population is currently on an NFL roster. Through your hard work, the hard work of coaches in your life and God-given talent, you have been given the most-unreal of opportunities. With this chance, we are being led to believe you’ve chosen drugs and attacking women. I hope for all our sake that this is untrue.


Show me the pictures of Bird, Magic and Michael wearing a black suit to mock a team in an elimination game. All you’ve accomplished in this series is playing in a Game 5 of a first round series. A man is one who respects others but never fears another while showing manhood through work ethic and pride in their work. Kenyon Martin, you are certainly not a champion. The question is, do you fit the true definition of a man or a punk?


So if this is considered a strength, how low are the weaknesses? Everyone who will make excuses for this will say, “it’s only May.” When the D-backs finish in third place this year, no one will say, “remember May?”


I’ve always been highly critical of Russell Westbrook because his no-pass possessions make everyone else stand around on offense. When you stand on offense, you tend to stand on defense. One thing I never thought of in my attacks on his style of play is that maybe his teammates don’t want to move.

Scotty Brooks is embarrassing himself in this series. Instead of changing the offense to fit the new personnel, he’s just having Kevin Durant pretend to be Westbrook. For some reason, he hasn’t figured out two things: 1) Durant isn’t Westbrook and 2) if Durant is Westbrook, who’s Durant?

Play Derek Fisher more. Don’t have Durant bring the ball up. Run more screens. Move the ball more to get the defense on their heels since they don’t fear Westbrook’s driving ability anymore.