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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Can’t wait to see Upton back at Chase


Suddenly cooling off as the series with the D-backs is approaching. Probably it has more to do with the health of Jason Heyward, but I’m still interested. It doesn’t matter whether Upton goes hitless or torches Arizona. I can’t wait to see it.


Really? Tiger pulled a club and that caused you to miss a shot?

I thought Garcia was soft. I’m wrong. He’s weaker than that.


He’s getting ripped by people who are learning the game of baseball for pulling Brandon McCarthy Sunday. It was 100% the right move.

If an established MLB pitcher throws less than 90 pitches and isn’t showing signs of weakness in the eighth, he pitches the ninth inning. Here’s the catch: McCarthy has established nothing! Statistically, he’s the worst pitcher in the National League. McCarthy has done nothing to earn the right to throw the ninth inning. It’s not about one game against Philadelphia. This is about re-establishing the confidence of McCarthy.

There’s a caveat to the book. Whenever a pitcher gets hit in the head with a line drive and comes back with the worst OPP/BA and BABIP, if they pitch eight innings of shutout baseball with a rested bullpen, you pull him!


It’s amazing how evil this man is. What’s more amazing to me is he actually made it through high school, college and spent two years in the NFL. How does that happen? How did any educator ever say he’s accomplished enough to move on? Why didn’t Detroit accept a failed pick and move on much sooner?

It also brings up something else. I wonder how many Americans have NFL talent who are incarcerated or living a shady life. If Titus made it this far, there must be.