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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Kennedy gets a win he doesn’t deserve


I am happy for Ian because there were so many games in 2010 that he got the loss or a no-decision that he didn’t deserve. Josh Byrnes and the 2010 bullpen cost him so many wins, it seemed like a weekly occurrence. It was nice for him to get a win he didn’t deserve on Wednesday. Unfortunately, and there’s no doubting this, he didn’t deserve this win.

An ace can never be happy with a five-inning outing. It is inexcusable for an ace to walk in a run. However, Kennedy struck out seven. He used his curveball more. He was much more aggressive. He went 2-0 on curves to Freeman that were strikes but not called. Arizona didn’t get the results they need or expect from Kennedy, but a scout would say he looked better.


I really want to believe that the NBA owners vetoed the move of the Kings to Seattle because that’s in the best interest of the league. When teams relocate, it looks bad for the league as a whole. It exposes a great deal of failure if a team moves. It even reeks of instability like the early days of every league. Owners would have made so much more money if they okayed this move. It appears they put the best interest of the league in front of their own.

I wish I could believe that was the case. The true reason this is happening is because the owners want to stick it to Seattle, stick it to any NBA city with an old arena and stick it to the Maloofs. By keeping the Kings in Sacramento, the NBA can show Seattle they should have listened the first time. By keeping the Kings in Seattle, the NBA can say “Remember the Sonics” to any current city rejecting the idea using tax payer dollars to build an arena. Most importantly to them, the message to the Maloofs is “get out of our league if you’re not going to negotiate with us.”


The Angels owner gave the dreaded vote of confidence to manager Mike Scioscia. It’s over in Anaheim. I completely understand the future firing of Scioscia on one condition: Moreno admits it’s his fault.

Scioscia is an outstanding manager. Everyone in baseball knows it. It’s not his fault the general manager built a team that doesn’t play to his strengths. A situation like this is almost always the GM’s fault. This team is the exception. There is no way Jerry Dipoto wanted to spend over $200 million dollars on two players. This is an ownership move clearly designed to keep up with the Dodgers. In order for advertising agencies to buy commercials on television, they want buzz. These signings created buzz which creates ad buys at the beginning of the year. The Angels are the fault of the owner and firing the manager won’t fix that.


I think he’ll be the next head coach of the Suns. I think the Suns will be mad at me until 2016 when I stop railroading against the hire of Sampson because they will have fired him.