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Doug’s Four-Point Stance: Patrick Corbin really is this good


Every week I’m writing something else about Corbin. Too bad the national media haven’t figured it out yet. At least MLB Network spent some time on him after the near-shutout of the Rockies.

He’s had enough starts that scouts should have found a weakness. It’s exciting they haven’t. Rockies hitters were walking away in disgust. Angry with themselves as if they had locked their keys in their car. They were frustrated because they can’t believe they swung at some of those pitches. It’s not your fault Colorado, he’s just that good.


He pitches Tuesday. Coors Field is not the place to improve as a pitcher but with the recent outings of McCarthy and Cahill, the pressure isn’t on Ian to pitch like an ace. The pressure is to simply keep up with the rest of the rotation.


Really cool of him to come in studio Monday and fill in for Wolf on short notice. I made a joke on Twitter that he just whopped me in an argument and I needed prayers. I don’t want to over-react because it was only two people but I was ripped for asking for prayers in light of the tragedies that are happening in Oklahoma. A note to the Twitter politically correct police: If you think so poorly of me that you honestly believe I’m hoping to steal prayers from those directed to tornado victims in order to be a stronger intellectual challenger for Tim, why are you following me anyway? I’m sorry I’ve earned so little respect from you in the past.


I’m reminded — after seeing the carnage in Oklahoma — of what former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman said to Wolf and me on our show following the Boston Bombings. He said there are so many good people who want to do so many good things but the best thing to do is to just stay back let the authorities do their job and send money.

We try to think of all these things we would need in destruction like that but the problem is you can’t get those things to those people fast enough. However, the Red Cross can. The Red Cross needs two things: money and blood. If you can, try to donate one or the other. I promise I will this week.