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Doug’s Four-point Stance: Cahill’s disappointing, but he’s been better than Parker


I’m really disappointed at how good Cahill’s stuff is and how average (at worst) or inconsistent (at best) he is as a pitcher. Keep in mind though, he is pitching much better than Jarrod Parker, whom he was traded for. Cahill is 3-5 with a 2.81 ERA and a 1.17 WHIP. Parker is 2-6 with a 5.76 ERA and a 1.61 WHIP.


Everyone’s all over you for leaving Roy Hibbert on the bench for both of LeBron’s drives to the bucket. They’re right. You’re a great coach who just out-thought the room. I know why you did it, but you were wrong to do it. Which is worse, Hibbert caught in a mismatch because you’re switching screens or the greatest player in the world in a lay-up line?


So many people think it’s a no-brainer that he’s a Hall of Famer. Is he a no-brainer if he spent his entire career in Jacksonville? I don’t think so.

He’s a great player who’s had a great career. He’s also getting a boost from the “Monsters of the Midway” mystique and his positional link to Butkus and Singletary. I’m not standing at attention guarding the Hall from him. It’s not blasphemy if he gets in. Pete Rose once said, “If you have to think about it, they’re not a Hall of Famer,” and I’m thinking about it.


On the MLB standings page there’s a column “POFF.” It stands for “Playoff % chance.” In the National League West, there’s a 3-way tie for third with the Diamondbacks, Giants and Rockies all possessing a 26-21 record. Despite having the same record, the Rockies have the highest percentage chance to win the playoffs. Arizona is second and San Francisco is a distant third.

I love Sabermetrics. I find the work of Bill James fascinating and I’ve learned so much about baseball reading his work. Current statistics for run differential determine playoff percentage. So if the D-Backs would have just won Monday by a wider margin and lost Wednesday by a smaller margin, they would have a higher win percentage despite the same record and same win/loss result from this week’s series. Any formula that counts a run in Coors Field as being equal to a run scored in another ballpark is ludicrous. I can safely say the Rockies will not win the National League West despite ESPN’s calculator.