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Here are three things I want to see this weekend


The D-backs’ offense has been a hair above terrible in the last two weeks. The Padres have been playing much better ball than their talent should allow. They’ve also owned Arizona at Chase Field. If the offense of the D-backs is truly made of grinders, the offensive slump should end now.


I want to see Roy Hibbert declare himself king of the paint. Shane Battier showed to Hibbert that the Heat believe he can be intimidated. The first drive to the hoop by Miami should end up in a flagrant foul on Hibbert.


Zach Randolph needs to show the real Zach Randolph. He should be a force in these playoffs and this series. Against San Antonio, Randolph has been totally marginalized. This is not the Randolph from the last three regular seasons. Memphis must get that “Z.”