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Suns are still in the tunnel but there is light

I can see the light!

I completely accepted moving Steve Nash and beginning the rebuilding process for the Phoenix Suns. However, recognizing the time to rebuild and knowing how to do it are two completely different things.

The 2012-13 season was a waste because the team isn’t closer to success. All we learned is Wes Johnson is not bad at his job while Michael Beasley and Lance Blanks are. Not enough answers for so much pain.

The pain is only beginning for the Suns. Though the pain, now, is a good pain. Strength and conditioning coaches like to say pain is just weakness leaving the body. The pain was real last year but very few weaknesses actually left the body. As the pain of the 2013-14 season goes along, I think Suns fans can finally believe that this pain will bring good results.

There is real direction. We haven’t had this direction since Steve Kerr fired Terry Porter. Every aspect of the organization was pointing in the same direction.

Finally, everything feels the same again. Lon Babby is in charge of contracts but not in charge of defending bad personnel decisions. Ryan McDonough has a background in actually running drafts and not just participating in drafts. Jeff Hornacek is a player who succeeded on intelligence but has experience as an assistant. Most importantly, Hornacek and McDonough are on the same page.

It might take four to eight years, but the Suns are closer to a championship today than they were 12 months ago, six months ago and yesterday.