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The four things I want to see this weekend – 5/31

1) For me to finally hit my 4-wood like a man.

2) Ian Kennedy has to step up on Saturday. The D-backs have been rocked with early deficits in their last two games. The bullpen is still beat up from Thursday. This team can’t handle three straight abysmal performances from its rotation.

3) Pacers win. The reason is two-fold. I don’t want to have to wait until Thursday for basketball. If Indiana wins, we have a game Monday night to break it up. The Finals don’t start until the sixth, a full 10 days since the Spurs last played.

4) The Blackhawks win game one. I’m not a fan of the Kings at all. Dustin Brown is a great player but I lost a lot of respect for him in last year’s Western Conference Finals. I also like the change in Chicago. Last year they were great, but they weren’t tough. They tried to win by being prettier than you. Now, they’re still more talented than you, but they play tougher physically and mentally.