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Doug’s Four-Point Stance: D-backs fans didn’t show up for Corbin and Co.


With a 9-0 pitcher on the mound, a possible MVP candidate on first and a potential Rookie of the Year at shortstop, there were fewer than 20,000 fans at the game against Miami. Only Astros and Indians fans were worse. Out of all the teams that are in first or second in action Monday night, Arizona drew the fewest fans…by 15,000.


0 for their last 18. As talented as they are, Chicago needs to shoot the puck and fight for rebounds. Quit trying to be so pretty.


Every major it’s the same thing. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he dominates the coverage. After Saturday, it’s then realized he won’t win so they start talking about the next major. When will the national media break the trend and start explaining why he won’t win on Thursday? No one on the course is intimidated by Tiger anymore and he’s not as confident.


The conditioning test is brilliant. After pushing the players through a tough workout, the Suns put prospective draft picks through a grueling test of stamina. What they really want to see is whether or not you feel entitled or above the need to do the test. If a player thinks they’re too good for the test at 19-22 years old with no money, you have a window to their soul on how well they will listen to a coach after they’ve signed their contract.

2013-14 will be very tough. I don’t think the talent is there to win 30 games. I’m also not concerned. This time the pain will lead to pleasure.