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March is madness

For us regular people, weekends are a gift. We are being given a huge gift this weekend. Whether it’s near the end, the pressure is up or it’s just the beginning, this is a huge weekend in Arizona.


Must win! People shy away from that term from a mathematical standpoint. I get that. If the Suns lose to New Orleans and Atlanta, they can still make the playoffs.

I look at it from a logic standpoint. Suns have a stretch of five-of-six on the road and a separate stretch of four-of-five on the road coming in the next month. April opponents are 232-187, that’s 45 games above .500 and includes ending the season on the road for four of the last five.

So mathematically the Suns can make the playoffs losing these two home games this weekend. Logically, if the Suns don’t go 2-0, they’re not going to the playoffs



After what seems like a year (it’s been almost a month) the Coyotes are home Sunday night. It’s do or die time with the ‘Yotes in the 9th spot for the playoff race with only eight positions. Too bad they start the three-game home stand with the second-best team in hockey.


Last home game for the Seniors. Win and you’re at least starting the postseason in Dayton, but you’re in the dance. Huge game for Coach Sendek.


The number one seed isn’t guaranteed, but it’s about as close as it can be. Lose the last home game of the year and it opens the door for argument, which is something the ‘Cats can’t let happen.


Possibly bad weather on Saturday, but the Sprint Cup race looks to be in the clear. Come to the west side to see if Dale can start the year 2-0. Come to the west side to see if Danica can finish the race.


Amazing job Dan Majerle has done in GCU’s first year as the head coach. If you loved Dan the player, he’s just as passionate as a coach. Try to get out to their last home game.


It’s the first full weekend of spring training baseball. Enjoy Arizona snowbirds and please stay out of the left lane.