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It’s all about fathers

Without realizing it, the last week has been all about fathers.

I have a great father. I hope you can say the same thing about yours.

I just finished reading this amazing article on

I was also thinking about the things written and said about DeSean Jackson. His father would pick up Richard Sherman from elementary school and coach the two current NFL stars in little league baseball.

Whether Jackson is heavily involved in gangs or simply has friends that have made wrong decisions, the death of Jackson’s father had a deeply profound effect on his life. If rumors are true, he put himself in terrible situations after the death of his father. I wonder if a lot of the negative influences around him came from young men without fathers. I’m 42 and I hate to imagine how I’ll handle the death of my father if he dies before me.

I think far too often we judge others by whether or not they grew up with money. I know, especially after reading about Irsay, I judge others as if every action they make is a window into the core of their soul far too often.

It’s becoming clear that money is not even close to the head start in life that many without money think it is. It’s fatherhood. My parents had no money but I had a huge head start through nothing that I earned and was lucky enough to be given — a great father.

If you had or have a great dad, make him proud. If you don’t or never did, decide today to become the man he should have been.