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Doug Franz’s weekend wishes: D-backs, NBA and NHL

Like all of us, every Friday I like to look ahead to the weekend. I do nothing on Friday and Saturday but spend time with my kids. Sunday is back to work watching every game that occurred over the weekend so I’m ready for Monday morning.

Here’s what I’m hoping to see this weekend:


The Phillies are average. The D-backs are dreaming of reaching that level. Every game for the next few weeks is “manager watch.” If the weekend ends and Arizona still has only one win at home, they’ll have a new manager Monday morning.

I don’t know if fans have realized that there aren’t a lot of in-house candidates. You should not keep a manager just because you don’t have anyone in-house. However, a strong prediction: fans won’t be happy with who they hire.

As a fan, I’m rooting for the D-backs to win 40 straight games and end the speculation. As an “analyst,” “insider,” “wanna-be” or whatever I am, I think the man who should be the next manager for the D-backs is in the opposing dugout this weekend: Larry Bowa.


I’m interested in finding out one thing: does Roy Hibbert have an ounce of heart?


I’m interested in finding out one thing: since the first round has been incredible hockey, why doesn’t anyone care?


Keep rolling against a bad team. The AFL finally got rid of the idiotic idea of neutral site games for the championship. Therefore, every game is important so the Rattlers can host the Arena Bowl.


Find a better coach because I’m not getting through to them. I’m thinking I should lose my mind on them tomorrow. They’re nine. I think that will look great on YouTube.